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Park Super speciality Hospital

(Now called Deccan Hospital) .
  • This is to thank you for the excellent services provided by you through MEDPACS. Working in a superspeciality centre where the demands are high for a prompt, timely and accurate reporting system, i find it extremely useful to work on the Medpac Systems PACS where the software gives me an excellent maneuverability with the image - be it magnifying, saving the images, transfer of images. The best thing i liked about it is the search option which allows me compare with previous studies of the patients.
    Dr. K. Sudheer Consultant Radiologist,
    Park Superspeciality Hospital,
  • MedPac Systems StorePacs is an enterprise class Linux based scalable dicom 3.0 compliant PACS server with in built Storage with Raid 10 support.
  • Supports up to 12 TB on line storage (disks are mirrored so no loss of data due to disk crash) and supports integration with offline storage NAS(Network Attached storage).
  • Inbuilt RIS along with Audio reporting with intuitive customizable work list for Radiologists, Physicians, Transcriptionist, Front desk and Technicians.
  • Is HIPAA compliant making the patient data secure and HL7 integration with HIS or HMS is a breeze.
  • Has in built VPN support enabling any radiology workstation from any where on the net to connect to the PACS.
  • The intuitive web interface has some of the most advanced image processing tools like MPR, Scout lines, LUT, Measures, Customizable layout, Comparison of different series full screen mode, keyboard short cuts, printing, annotations, pan, zoom, magnifying glass, shutters, invert and cine loop.
  • The web based reporting with audio reporting make reporting easy and improves reporting quality.
  • The technicians can add history to the studies along with priority flags and printed status make the whole of the radiology department paper less.
  • The modality works list server populates the work list at the modalities making the typing of patient names at the modality consoles a thing of the past and helping in automating the whole hospital work flow.

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