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Blood Bank Management System

    Web Based Blood Bank Informaiton System

  • Web based end to end automated blood bank system with donor management to reports integrated with Lab Analysers.
  • Works On Desktop browsers and also Tablets
  • Donor Management

  • Donor Registration, Camp Scheduling
  • Lab Test Management

  • Integration with Lab Analysers either using HL7 or serial port
  • Transfusion Management

  • Test Ordering, Adverse Transfusion Management, External Transfusion Management
  • Inventory Management

  • Inventory, Stocks and Blood bank management
  • Blood Bank Registration
  • Donor Registration, Screening and Phlebotomy
  • Blood Donation Camp Organization
  • Batch/Single Sample and Blood Bag Processing
  • Blood Grouping and TTDI Screening
  • Blood Processing (Component Preparation)
  • Batch Release of Blood/Component
  • Requisition of Blood/Component
  • Pre-Transfusion Blood Grouping and Microbiology Screening
  • Blood/Component Inventory
  • Issue of Blood/Component for Transfusion
  • Blood Transfusion and Monitoring
  • Transfusion Reaction Monitoring
  • Re-Agent Quality Control Management
  • Records Maintenance
  • User Management
  • Blood Donation Type Organization
  • Donation Type Management